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For the past decade, I have lived in San Francisco curating experiences for guests in the world’s finest restaurants. My innate enthusiasm for the specially selected ceramics in these kitchens led me to explore the ancient kintsugi process in order to repair pieces broken in service. I then worked to adapt this art form into something else, something that would stand up to the rigors of life in a restaurant.

I took immense pleasure in sharing the excitement with my guests as they admired the history of each piece. Each one turned into something wholly unique and more than simply the sum of its broken pieces.

It started further back than that. My studies took me towards the abstract, with materials science being a keen interest. Restaurants saved me from a life spent in the lab and unearthed a love for hospitality.

I have been lucky enough to translate this passion into my profession.  I now spend my days caring for some of the worlds most beautiful ceramics with my own expression of kintsugi. Things break, the rest is history.

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Often, it is a fracture that’s healed which becomes its greatest source of pride.

The art of kintsugi is the practice of repairing these fractures with resin, lacquer and gold. It accentuates the damage and the fracture becomes its pride, showcasing the beauty of its history.



Each of the pieces that I mend has had a life before me. I work to highlight the history of these works of art that were crafted by the hands of artisans around the world. For each repair, I select a metal with the quality that best compliments its character. The piece then continues to patina over time, enriching its story.

I would love to work with you to source the perfect piece to become a part of your history or to work on your own special piece or antique. Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. See some examples of my work below.



I would love to collaborate with you. Please email for custom kintsugi commissions, repair of antique ceramics, and for currently available pieces.